Professional Library Associations


Louisiana Teen-Age Librarians Association (LTLA)

What is LTLA?

LTLA is a unique statewide association that is not found anywhere else in the country.  LTLA is completely run by its own teenage officers under the direction of their school librarians.  They operate and conduct business under the official Robert Rules of Order.  This great learning experience helps create strong leaders for the future in any career path a student chooses.

Each year, LTLA holds its annual convention in the Spring.  All schools are invited and encouraged to attend. Your school librarian must be a member of LASL in order to join the fun.  

A special children's or young adult author is invited to attend, present a short book talk about one of their books and then signs copies of their book.  Other activities include: dances, character costume contests, competitions for book marks, t-shirt designs, dance, scrap booking, bulletin board contests etc... This  convention is a lot of fun for those who love to read.


LTLA helps to foster a love of reading and libraries in children and teenagers. This association helps form friendships with those who have similar interests.  This valuable association also helps young adults learn about the library profession and explore their options for future college study and employment. And its just a lot of fun!!!

Who can attend?

Students in public and private middle schools & high schools can join this association if their school has a librarian who is a member of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians, better known as LASL.  

If your school does not have an LTLA group, please encourage your school librarian to join LASL and form a reading club.  There is always room for schools to join!

You can find LTLA on Facebook as well. 

and see their website at

Louisiana Library Association (LLA)

The Louisiana Library Association is the State Library Association for all libraries, library employees and librarians  in Louisiana.

LLA encourages offering high quality library services to all communities across the State.  It also offers educational and training opportunities for library employees and librarians to further advance the skills and services offered to the public through various types of libraries.

Louisiana Association of School Librarians

LASL is a statewide association for School libraries in Lousiana.  All school librarians are encouraged to become a member and find out what the association has to offer.

School Librarians who are a member of LASL can sponsor a reading club and bring them to the LTLA State Convention each spring.

American Library Association (ALA)

This is a country wide association for anyone in the field of Library Science.

It covers public libraries, academic libraries, school libraries, law libraries, medical libraries, archives, museums, presidential libraries and other various libraries such as art, music, etc.....

Audubon Regional Library adopted the ALA Code of Ethics as a basis for offering quality library services to our communities.

To view the Code of Ethics, please click on the link below.